If your team are forced to operate across multiple systems to complete key functions they’re more prone to making mistakes and wasting time on less productive activities.

Sophisticated enterprise-wide systems such as SAP Business One and Sage 300 can transform systems and business processes, improving efficiency and profitability, especially when implemented by an experienced ERP systems team such as CitySoft.

CitySoft integration team

CitySoft boasts one of Australia’s largest, best resourced, most awarded and experienced SME consultancy firms working with SAP and Sage business software. The CitySoft product teams have helped Australian SMEs select, implement and benefit from software from SAP and Sage so they can achieve their growth and profitability goals.

As system integrators and solution architects CitySoft deliver SMEs systems that capitalize on the automation, integration and business intelligence capabilities inherent in the various SAP and Sage business software applications. CitySoft assist SME’s carry out current systems audits, develop project inventories and solution designs, define project scope and budgets, and provide the project management and technical and functional product experts to ensure our clients obtain maximum long term value form their investment. Our experience is the key to helping our clients enjoy the greatest value possible from SAP and Sage business software.

Integration and Business Risk

A reliance on a single core software application to manage all of an enterprises business processes typically produces the optimal business outcome however this isn’t always possible. Often the best a company can hope for is the elimination of all manual processes and or automation of all integration points between their required systems.

CitySoft helps companies consolidate their systems, we automate processes and build system integration so their staff can focus on the most productive tasks for the company. We help design, deliver and support systems around the SAP and Sage business applications that ultimately produce the conditions upon which SMEs can prosper and obtain competitive advantage.

The focus by CitySoft on the use of industry leading SAP Business One, an all in one suite, and the best of breed modular Sage 300 with their market leading core ERP technologies and deep functional coverage, and their advanced technologies that support the use of modern integration options, reduces an SMEs need to incorporate numerous business systems into their ERP ecosystem and allows clever automation and integration to become a standard part of your business system. CitySoft assists companies evaluate the relative merits as they apply against their own specific needs of SAP Business One and SAGE 300.

The productivity gains our clients obtain as a result of both SAP and Sage’s deep Microsoft productivity tool integration including mail, Excel and Word is significant. The commercial grade integration with popular applications such as Magento eCommerce and online banking systems also assists companies drive down business costs. Boyum B1uP and BPM application Orbis provide a further level of automation, integration and process improvement without reverting to the customization level.

Offered when specific business requirements cannot be covered by the core system configuration, or the use of the non programming tools available for SAP and Sage, CitySoft provide software development toolkit (SDK) services to create custom applications and processes to provide an enterprise with a specific functional solution as part of their overall ERP or CRM system.

Data Take On – Migration and Legacy systems

Integration to or migration of legacy data remains a major concern of most managers when contemplating a change of ERP systems. CitySoft ERP migration projects inevitably involve development of data migration strategies and plans to harvest business intelligence built up in legacy systems. Our approach to data migration centres on providing clients with the tools that support a logical transition to the new ERP system so new coding structures and capabilities and data enrichment can take place using MS Excel if or when required.