SAP Business One

SAP Business One includes a set of service management capabilities, including a mobility service app, for businesses who offer technical or professional services. The service manager element of the SAP Business One system offers entry level functionality in the context of SAP Business One being a best of suite tier 3 ERP system.

Sage ERP | Technisoft

The Sage ERP | Technisoft system is a best of breed service manager module that extends upon the Sage ERP system and optionally the Sage CRM application to create a comprehensive Service Manager system for technical service providers. Whereas SAP Business One offers a lite Service Manager solution Technisoft offers a feature rich service manager solution for heavy duty technical service management organizations.

The Sage ERP Service Manager system optionally includes Technisoft’s field connect web connectivity module, that works through web services, to empower field technicians to carry out a broad set of functions in the field.

With serial tracked equipment, preventative and schedule maintenance, do and charge and job related services, routing, resourcing, contracts, on the job purchasing and a myriad of powerful service related capabilities, fully connected to accounts, CRM, payroll-HR and the Sage business intelligence applications, makes Sage Service Manager a suitable solution for mature service management organizations.