A concern many SMEs have when accessing their business data via the cloud is ‘how secure is my data?’

After the mobile user enters the correct user name and password, the front-end application passes the mobile phone number and mobile device ID (MAC address), together with the user name and password, to the SAP integration framework. After receiving the information, the SAP integration framework verifies the following: – Is the user enabled as a mobile user, is the necessary license assigned to the user. Can SAP find the telephone number and device ID pair in the SAP Business One user administration, does the user name matche the telephone number and the device ID, is the user blocked by the SAP Business One system, and his the provided password correct. If all these steps are passed the user is allowed to access the SAP Business One system. Further to this the password is encrypted while it is transmitted to the integration framework, which decrypts the password after receiving it.

SAP Business One encryption

SAP Business One supports a standard encryption communication channel between the license server, Business One client and DI API add-on’s, complying with local and global regulatory mandates for data security and privacy.

To safe guard against brute force attacks and security breaches, the system now supports dynamic keys and salted hash user passwords. Administration and configuration changes are stored in a log file for audit purposes.

Single sign-on

The SAP Business One log in can be bound to a Windows Domain Account. Your log in can be configured to require Windows credentials to launch SAP Business One. Since the release of SAP Business One version 9.0 SAP Business One has provided companies with system landscape directory services for security configuration and server management support, a centralized environment which improves security and server management.

Data Access – Data Ownership – Cloud Services

If you partner with CitySoft for co-locate or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you can rest assured that your data is securely managed at an industry leading data centre located in Australia.

CitySoft cloud services are available for new and existing clients using either SAP Business One with Microsoft SQL, SAP Business One for HANA or products from the SAGE range (Sage 300, Sage X3 & CRM)

Your valuable data can be replicated in real time and backed up and stored on site or at a remote storage facility to further reduce the risk of data loss, business down time and an unrecoverable disaster recovery position. With CitySoft Cloud services access to your data is always available to your authorized managers.