Australian SME Service Industry leaders agree that their business success can in part be attributed to consistent, clear, targeted and concise communications with various audiences.

From targeted prospect and client promotions to email and SMS confirmation of appointments through to easy customer self service for raising service and support cases and optimized staff scheduling, leading SME’s are increasingly using technologies and applications to cost effectively stay connected and to communicate with their network of business contacts. Leading small to medium sized businesses have incorporated clever software and technologies into their ERP eco-system to cost effectively communicate with their staff, prospects, suppliers, sub contractors and their client base to better track and schedule resources.

Sage CRM leads the way with brilliant email, on screen and SMS communication capabilities; automated processes for lead and case management including Web to lead forms and Web customer portals for HELP Desk, case management and the raising of service requests. Sage CRM can also play a role in asset tracking, people tracking, time capture, appointments, classes, courses and events management. Service managers can use the power of Sage CRM combined with Technisoft’s Service Manager software for Sage 300 to manage appointments, technicians, parts delivery and other scheduling activities such as asset rental for jobs or sharing of plant equipment or rooms.

The Sage CRM system supports collaborative computing by clearly displaying available appointment slots, employee and asset availability such as rooms or equipment so sales, customer service staff and technical service managers can confidently book in applicants for courses or seminars, assign suitably skilled technicians to jobs, assign, track and manage the time of billable staff and manage the stock, asset and financial aspects of each transaction and interaction.

The Technisoft Service Manager product with or without the use of Sage CRM has powerful scheduling and equipment tracking functions allowing companies involved in technical service delivery to optimize the delivery of services to customers. Bing Maps integration with route instructions, and job start and stop functionality helps scheduling staff stay on top of technicians and consultants and to keep clients informed of their technician’s schedules.

The Sage CRM time billing system (TBR) as part of an integrated Sage 300 deployment provides companies selling time a system that manages resource allocation, time capture, approvals, and billing for do and charge based businesses as well as project and job based organizations. Billable and non billable time as well as manager approval routes will streamline conversion of job time data into customer invoices

The Sage CRM system can play a role in tracking and displaying data such as RFID data feeds and GPS coordinates to assist with asset and resource identification and tracking.

The Sage CRM system is in effect a development platform that can become an organizations unifying front end system displaying data from multiple sources via the CRM user interface. It can operate well beyond the realms of a traditional CRM system.