Many Australian SMEs looking to expand into global markets often under estimate the reporting and compliance requirements. They also find their existing entry-level accounting and business software solutions hopelessly inadequate at satisfying such reporting and compliance requirements.

This is why CitySoft recommends that any Australian SME with global expansion ambitions look at implementing either a Sage 300 system or a SAP Business One solution.

Sage 300 and SAP Business One are mature SME ERP software solutions both used by an estimated 47,000 small to medium enterprises around the globe. At a product functionality level there are some significant differences between Sage 300 and SAP Business One around management of enterprises with multiple entities, inter-company transactions and consolidations. Both Sage 300 and SAP Business One provide SME’s with a multi-lingual, multi-legislation system, and advanced reporting to consolidate local and international entity results. A companies particular requirements will determine whether Sage 300 ERP or SAP Business One best suits their expansion plans.

To take advantage of global opportunities Australian SMEs need to be nimble and prepared to respond quickly to changing conditions. Both Sage 300 and SAP Business One make it viable to deploy quickly into new environments and they are flexible enough to adapt to meet almost any business situation, including localized reporting and compliance requirements.