SAP Business One

By adopting best practices you can create enterprise-wide efficiencies. SAP Business One has been designed to facilitate best practices whilst supporting a companies ability to incorporate unique requirements with minimal risk and cost.

Streamline purchasing for SMEs

One SAP Business One best practice example is the streamlining of your purchasing processes. SAP Business One allows you to optimize and streamline your entire purchasing process, with integration across business functions and departments and access to centralized real-time data.

SAP Business One allows you to automate your entire purchase cycle, from purchase requisition creation to vendor invoice payment. This streamlined process removes duplication of effort, offers separation of duties, provides visual transaction maps with simple drill down to detail and matching of documents, and reduces errors and undetected pricing variations.

Greater transparency for supplier selection

Greater transparency into supplier performance allows you and your people to make informed decisions about future supplier selection. SAP Business One provides you and your people full visibility into purchasing and supplier performance, which allows you to reduce costs with automation, smarter decisions and improved purchasing planning.

Sage 300 Purchasing

Sage 300 offers SME companies a streamline process for purchasing that includes purchase requisition functionality and electronic purchase orders. Companies with a body of staff who only rarely need access to the ERP system but who from time to time need to raise a purchase requisition are catered for by the Sage concurrent licensing model. Where the frequency of access is higher the Sage 300 system can be expanded to support a Web client purchase requisition user. Electronic workflow and approval processes can then guide the user and request through the entire purchasing process. Small system extensions such as the fund availability module help control and manage actual expenditure and requests.

Sage 300 also offers a system extension to streamline the purchasing process. Using the OCR pack purchase receipts can be scanned and matched against the original purchase order. The supplier invoice can also be scanned saving your team having to data enter the accounts payable invoice. Three way matching can help eliminate unauthorized discrepancies and if anyone needs to view the original documents they are available against the transaction in Sage 300.