Similar to SAP Business OneSage 300 has the ability to connect sales people and service technicians to the information they need anytime, anywhere through mobile devices. It also connects to business intelligence and analytics solutions that lead to better, more informed decision-making.
The service manager field technician mobility product “field connect” developed for Sage is device independent and runs via a browser, so it supports iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones as well as iPads, Android tablets and Windows Surface tablets. It supports field technicians in their delivery of products and services to clients.
The Technisoft service manager suite incorporating the field connect module is best of breed software for providers of field based technical services. Providing systems for the service manager and field service technicians plus customers, employees and contractors via the suites various Web portals, the Technisoft service manager suite encompasses branches, multi-site stock management , purchasing, billing, equipment servicing and mobility and a host of other capabilities designed to cater for the most advanced and complex enterprises. 
System mobility and the ability to capture accurate job time and materials for billing purposes or simple cost capture for determining job profitability are some of the key reasons why Technisoft is used by leading service management organizations around the World. 
The ability to easily schedule jobs, people and assets, under a contract, and or as part of a preventative maintenance program or to quickly react to an unscheduled job make Technisoft Service Manager for Sage 300 & Sage CRM a powerful solution used by service departments around the globe.