The general ledger in SAP Business One includes the option to use dimensions and cost centres and offers a flexible chart of accounts structure that supports complex SME financial reporting and analysis requirements.

SAP Business One is an all-in-one ERP System that is a feature-rich cost effective solution for SME’s. CitySoft has helped SME’s design charts of accounts that truly reflect each clients business and reporting needs. SAP Business One is used by over 47,000 companies around the world including thousands of Australian SME’s.

The SAP Business One Finance cockpit

The SAP Business One Finance Cockpit provides you and your team with customisable dashboards that provide live data specific to each employees job role including financial and operational data. The Crystal Dashboard design tool for SAP Business One allows you even greater flexibility to customise your SAP Business One dashboards including the display of data from other business systems and other data sources.

General Ledger

The SAP Business One Financial component supports multi-currency transactions and manages realized and unrealized gains and losses on multi-currency transactions. SAP Business One also supports consolidation and inter-entity transactions across multiple databases and entities through the use of their GL Consolidations and Inter entity module.

SAP Business One transaction capabilities

The SAP Business One Financial component streamlines processing of journal entries including standing, reversing and recurring journals. Memo’s, notes and alerts in addition to automated processes ensure required periodic processes aren’t forgotten.

The SAP Business One financial component also allows you to set up templates to speed up reoccurring activities.

The SAP Business One Financial Module delivers complete flexibility on how you flag or tag your transactions, making them easier to find. Your Financial Module also makes it easy to record activities against every transaction in SAP Business One such as auditors notes, document attachments and emails.

The SAP Business One Financial Module allows you to set up distribution rules to automate distribution of an amount in one account or a journal across multiple accounts.

Cost accounting

The SAP Business One Financial Module allows you to do cost centre and departmental accounting as well as project based accounting.

Financial Reporting capabilities of SAP Business One

One of the most important aspects of SAP Business One is its financial reporting. The financial reporting capabilities include flexible run-time selection criteria, detailed and summary reporting, options with respect to output and the ability to add in SAP Crystal Reports Dashboard Designer to the standard financial reporter. CFO’s who prefer working with and producing reports using Microsoft Excel have the option of using either Lumina or Alchemex reporting as part of the overall system financial reporting solution.

With SAP Business One, you can drill down to source data to help verify your general ledger figures. Also SAP Business One holds years of data making comparative reports and budgeting a simple process.

Report Designer

Report Designer in SAP Business One allows you to easily adjust the standard reports to suit your requirements if need be and to save defaults for all or individual users to streamline report generation. The flexibility of SAP Business One Report Designer also provides you with an option to generate reports on almost any aspect of your business.

Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

The SAP Crystal Reports module for SAP Business One helps you take reporting to the next level by providing richer, more graphic and easier to design report functionality. In combination with the SAP Business One financial reporter, and with options to extend further by adding Alchemex, Lumina and Crystal Dashboard Design, your business will have the right applications to report and analyse your business from any angle and every aspect.