Like every other component of SAP Business One, the Financial reporting capabilities are the result of more than a decade of real world user-driven design innovation.

SAP Business One financial reporting is adaptable to the local compliance needs of almost any enterprise, in any country. The Chart of Accounts (CoA) includes the availability of financial dimensions and cost centres that support the creation of powerful financial reports. The financial reports are easy to create, run and share and with options to utilize BI tools that use Microsoft Excel as the user interface, CFO’s and accountants who are often more comfortable working in Microsoft Excel will be empowered to create financial reports, board packs and cash flow reporting with drill down to the underlying transactional data.

Dashboards & Operational Reports

In addition to a wealth of financial and operational reports SAP Business One provides companies with interactive dashboards tailored by job role and person that offer you a cockpit of charts, dials and graphs that best display your business data. Importantly with SAP Business One creating new dashboards, reports and adjusting existing reports to suit your specific needs are generally skills companies take on board and master. This flexibility allows you to develop the exact reports you need when you need them.

Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports which is included with each SAP Business One system provides the ability to create rich, graphic reports and forms. Graphic reporting enhances comprehension and with the inclusion of Crystal Dashboard Designer companies can create an expanded set of Dashboards across every division and department, building on the dashboards that are included with the SAP Business One license.

Lumira for SAP Business One

Companies using SAP Business One have a number of brilliant reporting tools at their disposal including SAP Lumira. SAP Lumira is a self-service solution that allows analysts and decision makers to access, transform, and visualize data.

The SAP Lumira desktop user can prepare data from multiple data sources, visualize it, and then compose stories from those visualizations that can be shared with other decision makers using the SAP Lumira server and cloud platforms. These licenses provide browser and mobile based experiences to assist users further analyze data and collaborate with colleagues on data-sets, stories, and other business intelligence artifacts.