SME discrete manufacturers have turned to Sage 300 and companion product AutoSimply to deliver them a powerful integrated discrete manufacturing solution.

AutoSimply is built inside Sage 300 ERP using the Sage development tool kit and inherits all the strengths of the Sage 300 system. The Sage 300 system in conjunction with AutoSimply provides manufacturing companies with MRP, MPS, work order and purchase order controls and visibility over work in progress, production costs and material usage.The inventory system manages raw, intermediate and finished goods.

SAP Business One, as an all-in-one suite, includes lite manufacturing however its functional coverage best suits companies that assemble rather than manufacture goods. The SAP Business One road map and recent 9.1 release has commenced the process of enhancing the standard manufacturing functionality inside SAP Business One for discrete manufacturing concerns.

Erails project job cost software, as an extension to the core SAP Business One system, provides project and job based manufacturers, with a comprehensive end to end business system. With phase and task level tracking and labor and material management including WIP and optional payroll integration the solution suits enterprises who need to capture costs against a project, job or sales order.

For discrete make to stock manufacturers requiring a SAP Business One based ERP solution with advanced manufacturing capabilities CitySoft recommends Beas manufacturing software for SAP Business One.

SME businesses who make to order or assemble to order can utilize SAP Business One with clever configurator software designed specifically for SAP Business One. The rule based software guides sales people through the various questions that lead to the creation of a finished good that can be assembled or manufactured within spec.

The Sage X3 application is priced and positioned for mid-sized enterprises however SME’s with sophisticated manufacturing needs may find Sage X3 a suitable system that can be quickly cost justified based on the extensive capabilities it offers discrete manufacturers.

The Sage X3 system suits a wide range of manufacturing enterprises including those focused on engineer to order, make to order, and make to stock. The system can be extended to include brilliant CAD system integration, and offers solutions for those businesses requiring advanced production scheduling (APS).