Limited resources often restrict SME’s from fully capitalising on sales opportunities and from regularly communicating with prospects and clients.

The SAP Business One all in one business suite includes CRM designed specifically for SME’s. The SAP Business One CRM functionality is intuitive and simple to use, coordinating sales, customer service and admin staff efforts to sell, support and market their products and services. Utilising mobile devices, the Web, SMS, email and Microsoft Outlook, SAP Business One CRM supports efficient effective and productive activities across an SME’s entire organisation.

Manage Electronic Direct Mail campaigns (eDM’s)

Whether you’re sending out an information update to a small group of customers or a mass promotional email to your entire email database, the SAP Business One CRM module makes it possible. When connected with MailChimp, the SAP Business One CRM system supports creation and delivery of intuitive eDM’s and provides SME’s with valuable analytics such as open and click rates on email campaigns.

Better manage sales opportunities

Capture, track and progress sales opportunities in SAP Business One CRM. Create persuasive proposals and sales quotations and record all your teams sales activities including phone calls, emails and appointments in SAP Business One. Work collaboratively with colleagues in SAP Business One CRM from a single global view of prospects and clients and, as a result, close more business and provide better customer service.

Segment and personalise communications

Present important customer preferences and sales history in the form of intuitive live dashboards in SAP Business One to strengthen each interaction with your client. Tailor your communications with each customer and prospect based on their interests, profile or past sales history utilising important business intelligence data residing within SAP Business One. Create communications that resonate with various groups within your database and enjoy the ability to cost effectively reach your customer base and prospects.

Mail merge and document management

The integrated document management and Microsoft mail merge capabilities of SAP Business One CRM make it simple and practical to communicate with both existing and potential customers and to quickly and easily convert quotes and proposals to sales documents without any need for duplication of effort. The activity monitor cuts down effort finding related documents making it easy for staff to pick the thread of communications and to deliver exceptional customer service.

Email integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

SAP Business One CRM integrates with your Microsoft Exchange and Outlook accounts, providing your people with the ability to stay synchronized, to be mobile and to better utilise their phones, tablets and iPads. With integrated emails and clever availability of accounting and CRM data from SAP Business One in Microsoft productivity tools, your staff can stay connected and informed.

Mobility for in field staff

Your people in the field need instant access to up to date client information. The SAP Business One CRM system empowers your staff with views of vital client information wherever your business takes them and allows them to transact from the field cutting out back office paperwork and delivering better customer service.