Australian SMEs are competing in a global marketplace like never before making it even more important to provide the market with concise, up to date information and to improve communications with your business stakeholders.

Communications are not limited to how you interact with your potential and existing customers, it also includes communicating with your staff, your suppliers and countless other stakeholders. An ERP and CRM system offering you a centralised ‘single source of truth’ will assist you to deliver accurate and effective communications.

SAP Business One is a powerful, all in one ERP software solution that utilizes modern communication channels to alert, exchange and advise people both within and outside your organisation of important business matters. It is designed to work across every aspect of your business so your staff can work collaboratively to deliver superior customer service and business profits. When implemented by an organisation such as CitySoft, SAP Business One becomes an incredibly powerful system which enables targeted communications both within and outside your business and drives staff productivity levels to new heights. With built in CRM functionality SAP Business One manages activities, documents and emails inside SAP Business One and via its deep integration with Microsoft Outlook, appointments, contacts and communications are synchronized with your desk top and mobile devices.

By adding the Boyum CRM for Outlook application and optionally including integration with MailChimp, businesses running SAP Business One can enjoy integrated best of breed marketing and communications capabilities that win business and retain client loyalty by cost effectively maintaining articulate, pertinent communications and dialogue with your clients.