Everybody is talking about the impact of ‘business in the cloud’ but what does it mean for Australian SMEs? For start-ups cloud ERP or CRM avoids a need to raise capital to fund IT infrastructure. For established SME’s a move to the cloud for their ERP and CRM system may relieve them from the burden of managing their own IT infrastructure.

SAP Business One Cloud from CitySoft suits both start ups and established businesses who aren’t large enough or properly resourced internally to adequately support an on premise deployed of an ERP system. Cloud solutions remove the need to own and maintain your own servers, as software is served through the web from externally managed servers. This means there are potentially fewer costs in maintaining IT systems and technology. Security, back-ups, server monitoring, and anti-virus protection are taken care for you as part of the hosted service.

The SAP Business One product offers a broad set of functionality for SMEs and the hosted service removes the need for internal IT resources within your organisation.

In the case of SAP Business One Cloud, you can integrate and streamline your key processes, which may include CRM, financials, sales and inventory management at a price which is accessible to almost any SME. The SAP Business One Cloud solution is also hosted and maintained by experts in secure, world-class data centres, which allows you to spend more time on innovation and trade and less on IT.

You can choose from SAP Business One HANA the in memory edition of SAP Business One running on a Linux operating system or SAP Business One for MS SQL, as your cloud ERP solution.

Cloud computing is proving to be a great leveler and with SME ERP solutions such as SAP Business One Cloud, implemented by teams such as CitySoft, small to medium enterprises are now more capable than ever before of competing locally nationally and on a global stage.