Business process management (BPM) improvements through automation, workflows, alerts and system integration, seamlessly unify the operations of all your departments, leading to greater efficiency, improved profitability and increased competitiveness.

BPM aids management efforts to pursue lean manufacturing, just in time (JIT) and total quality management objectives. BPM often involves automation of data exchanges between systems and with customers and aims to reduce the overhead of managing data.

If you’re an Australian SME looking for an ERP system to help improve your business process management capabilities, CitySoft recommends SAP Business One ERP software with Orbis Task Manager software. SAP Business One provides SME’s with ‘core’ and ‘complementary’ modules to unify and optimize their business processes so they best deal with the commercial and regulatory forces that surround and govern their day-to-day operations.

Empower managers

With SAP Business One your managers will have access to a true picture of their exact business position in real time. SAP Business One intelligently deals with business events and dynamically delivers real-time information to managers and staff when they need it most. The SAP Business One dashboards and KPI reporting capabilities, often displaying facts from multiple data sources other than just SAP Business One, to help managers make more informed decisions.

Free up management time

One major benefit of improved business process management (BPM) when using SAP Business One is the time that naturally frees up for managers to manage rather than deal with unproductive processes. Automation, system integration, alerts and workflow management leads to increased trading partner satisfaction via intelligent, event driven communications. BPM also helps protect and monitor company-critical data, and provides managers with greater visibility, tracking and accountability of departmental and employee activities. EDI trading and eCommerce integration are two business areas where BPM can deliver substantial process improvement for SME’s

Embrace mobile users

Extend your BPM reach to your mobile users with SAP Business One mobility apps. Incorporate alerts, business rules and workflows to mobile users and share data in informative dashboards and reports on mobile devices such as phones, tablets and iPads. Automate communications with trading partners and staff using SMS and email notifications and alerts.

Include SAP Concur in your ERP platform to streamline capture and treatment of expense claims. Automate allocation of expenses to projects or general ledger accounts, manage budgets, approvals and documents with minimal manual effort.

Advanced Business Process Management

With SAP Business One and optionally Orbis Task Centre SMEs manufacturers, retailers and wholesale distributors can confidently target significant reductions in operational costs through automated stock control. SMEs can expect to increase cash flow through automated credit control procedures and improve asset utilization as a result of better use of business intelligence generated by SAP Business One. True connectivity between all the company’s software applications including your eCommerce web site and SAP Business One, will reduce by back office staffing needs, streamline your whole logistics chain and will reduce paper driven transactional processing across your entire enterprise.