Many mid-sized companies looking to take their enterprise to the world are looking for the ease of connectivity and performance for their users that a cloud based ERP software solution promises.

Others prefer to keep their ERP software and valuable corporate data in-house. No matter what your preference, Sage X3 and CitySoft can assist you.
CitySoft provide you with the freedom of choice with respect to licensing and deployment. Since Sage X3 is web native you can choose from a range of licensing and deployment options, as well as operating systems, browsers, devices and databases. Clients only need a device capable of accessing the Internet and running a browser – any browser to run Sage X3. Also the Sage X3 technology supports distributed computing ensuring system scalability.
Choose from CitySoft’s Private Cloud, Public Cloud or the on premise deployment option. Subscribe to Sage X3 or purchase a perpetual license. Utilize our data centre services under a public cloud SaaS offer; co-locate or self manage your Sage X3 system in house; subscribe to Sage X3 and appoint your own Data Centre to manage your application. Great choice, great control and greater certainty than alternative ERP SaaS offers.
The CitySoft – Sage cloud offer will definitely appeal to Company Directors concerned about the Patriot Act and sovereignty of data.