In a recent CFO Magazine survey 20% of Enterprise software users reported their top cause of time wastage was just trying to find information.

To boost productivity mid-sized businesses are streamlining and automating business processes. They are improving ease of use and ease of access and they are integrating mobile devices into their IT ecosystem by turning to leading ERP systems such as Sage X3.

Sage X3’s intuitive user interface removes system navigational complexities helping drive productivity and improved customer service. Sage X3 delivers users optimized business processes presented in highly effective visual displays.

Sage X3, as a Web native ERP system, further increases staff productivity offering users access from their mobile devices. With the ability to create Sage X3 Apps your staff can access the information they need to do business quickly and easily.

The Sage X3 system also supports integration with other systems and automation of processes freeing up staff to concentrate on value add tasks rather than dealing with mundane repetitive activities. From EDI to optimized data-marts for streamlined reporting, to advanced document management through to deep Microsoft integration and RF warehouse management, eCommerce integration and electronic approvals and alerts Sage X3 will help transform your business.