Here’s a fact from a recent survey that should make most mid-sized Australian businesses sit up and take notice: companies with better business intelligence are 2.2% more profitable.

They are also 4 times more likely to optimize inventory levels and are 10% more productive than their competitors. Best-in-class companies are twice as likely to provide timely and accurate reporting, evaluate risks accurately, and manage exceptional events when they occur. They are also more likely to get new products to market quicker, and grow revenue by capitalizing on up-sell opportunities to existing customers.

Business intelligence is no longer an option for mid-sized Australian businesses. Without the business intelligence provided by a quality ERP software solution like Sage X3 your business risks operating with blind spots which can result in poor customer service, inefficient processes, duplication of effort and recurring mistakes.

Sage X3 provides the option to use SAP Business Objects or Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) two market leading BI applications Sage X3 also provides KPI dashboards, interactive dashboards and persuasive Crystal reports, SQL Query, direct Microsoft Excel integration, financial data extractor and data extractor tools that are essential to making timely and informed decisions.

Sage X3 is an optimized data warehouse in its own right saving companies from having to purchase additional data warehouse software. The pre-packaged data-marts and modifiable Crystal reports will save companies days and weeks otherwise required to create reporting sets and BI data sets.

Sage X3 provides several tools and applications for reporting and BI given the different users of data and the different types of data in use at an organization. This Sage X3 flexibility delivers companies an enterprise wide reporting system as part of their ERP deployment.