Business challenges for SME Nonprofit organisations

Focus is on reducing the administration resources used for compliance and acquittal reporting to funding bodies and agencies. Greater efficiency in this area can help free up funds and ensure access to future funding. Distributing meaningful reports to board members is equally important to maintaining board integrity.At the core of greater efficiency and transparency is quality financial reporting and analysis. If this can be done at a department level, it allows those at the coalface to focus on individual client and project reporting.

The new software paradigm for SME Nonprofit organisations

Until relatively recently, achieving many of these efficiencies for SME Nonprofit organisations were more of a pipe dream than a reality. As most of these efficiency gains required more sophisticated IT and software than most SME Nonprofit organisations could afford, ‘greater efficiency’ had become a euphemism for cuts to services or research. However, SME ERP solutions such as Sage ERP 300 have changed all that.

Sage 300

Sage 300 is transforming SME Non-profit organisations. Sage 300 (formerly Sage ERP Accpac) is an ERP software solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses. The power of Sage ERP 300 is based on the strength of its core financial and accounting capabilities, as well as its modular format. Sage 300’s modular capabilities allow SME Non-profit organisations to add advanced functionality, usually only available through much more expensive ERP solutions, at a fraction of the cost. For organisations watching every cent, this is a breath of fresh air.

Project Job Cost management

To understand how this works, we can use the example of a health and community services or medical research SME Nonprofit. Sage 300 with the Project Job Cost (PJC) module can assist these organisations with individual based programs and acquittal reporting. Sage 300 with the Project Job Cost (PJC) module is providing greater control over expense allocation across programs and clients in the disability sector and in medical research, where grants must be carefully managed.

Greater support for researchers

Another example of Sage 300’s modular strength is in the scientific community. Sage 300 Web purchasing module is supporting researchers with expenditure requests and assigning this expenditure to specific research grants or cost centres.

Improve human resource management

When coupled with HR3, Sage Wage Easy Payroll or Sage MicrOpay Meridian Payroll, Sage 300 becomes a powerful integrated ERP solution encompassing payroll and HR management and providing advanced enterprise wide reporting functionality.

Sage CRM

Sage CRM adds yet another dimension to the Sage 300 solution. When integrated with Sage CRM, Sage 300 delivers advanced communications capture, marketing, sponsorship, grant and fund raising capabilities.


Sage 300 can be extended to incorporate eCommerce capabilities as well for NFP’s.

Real Business Intelligence for Nonprofit SME organisations

Sage 300 integrates with Sage Intelligence (SI) and Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) Business Intelligence software to deliver both spreadsheet and non spreadsheet based analysis and reporting. SEI’s intuitive user interface and advanced features facilitate real-time access to enterprise-wide information, quickly and securely. Si and SEI takes data from multiple data sources to provide you with enterprise wide reporting and analysis.