The typical CitySoft project plan with respect to training, centers on CitySoft transferring skills to the clients project team and subject matter experts, who in turn provide system training to their colleagues. Critically, the train the trainer work effort with the project team, only commences once the agreed solution design is signed off by both parties. This approach eliminates false starts on system configurations that possibly aren’t complete and where later changes ensure confusion, and possible user rejection of the new system. Our quality approach to training and skills transfer doesn’t use unrelated data and generic system configurations, as their value to comprehension and learning is limited and often counterproductive.

Based on CitySoft’s project training approach, we don’t utilize extensive classroom training as a learning tool. We do however, supply tuition to the project team members using workflows and visual processes that simplify the users experience. We configure the systems to remove unnecessary elements where possible, and conduct extensive user acceptance testing prior to releasing the clients project team on to a broader user audience.

The approach reduces user rejection; avoids solution designing on the fly, and empowers users right from day one of release beyond the project team.

Training, skills transfer and tuition are typically broken up into admin level, technical and functional areas. Further to this, reporting and business intelligence training, skills transfer and tuition is managed separately to the core business system training, tuition and skills transfer work effort.

New Features – New releases. CitySoft does conduct webinars and learning days, focused predominately on new releases from Sage, SAP, Tangerine, Crystal and others, targeted at existing software users & clients.