SaaS doesn’t make the business software any better

A growing number of SMB’s and mid-market enterprises, many early adopters, are learning the hard way that the Cloud model for delivery of business software as a service doesn’t transform or improve the business software’s functional capabilities, it simply changes the way people access their business system. Of course, a SaaS service relieves SMB’s of the burden of managing their IT infrastructure that runs their business software. The cloud technology and delivery is however, no replacement or panacea for functional deficiencies in the business software.

Regardless of how the software is delivered or licensed, if the software cannot meet your business requirements, it is not the right software for your business. 

The popularity and easy sign up process (Tick the boxes) of software as a service (SaaS), supplied via the Cloud, should not diminish or remove your pre-purchase critical evaluation of the software’s functional coverage and capabilities, as they apply to your particular business.

Ownership of data, back-ups, termination notice periods, pricing escalation clauses at contract renewal, data centre locations and SLA’s should also be confirmed and clearly understood prior to committing to a SaaS contract especially given the activities of some SaaS vendors in the market place.

A basic entry-level system supplied either as an on premise license or a cloud service is entry-level software in both deployment cases, doing what entry level systems do or more precisely not doing what tier three advanced business systems do for a growing SMB.

Quality tier 2 & 3 market leading business applications such as SAP Business One, Sage 300 & Sage X3 are now available as a subscription with the added benefit of permitting clients to locate the software on their own hardware or at a data centre of their own choice. Both Sage applications offer Web client connections with SAP Business One part way through introduction of their Web client roll ou. Additionally in coming months both SAP and Sage will offer ANZ client’s public cloud hosted software (Public Cloud)