Transform complex company data into engaging, interactive dashboards

Most Australian SMEs are collecting more and more data with the belief that it will help them develop greater insights. However, data alone is not enough. Data needs to be presented in a manner that is easy to translate into action, which is why many Australian SMEs turn to SAP Crystal Dashboards.

SAP Crystal Dashboards delivers many of the data visualisation capabilities SAP has developed for its large enterprise solutions, to SMEs. SAP Crystal Dashboard provides you and your team with a more visual, holistic and actionable view of critical business data.

Simple to understand and use dashboard design tools

SAP Crystal Dashboards allows you and your team to create interactive dashboards from any data source with ‘point-and-click’ ease. Now you can build interactive dashboards quickly with an intuitive, flexible interface.

Greater insights

Data visualisation allows managers to gain vital business insight that can help them confidently plan for the future. SAP Crystal Dashboards allows you and your team to monitor emerging trends, see in real time, matters demanding your attention and to track performances across your organisation with clear concise KPI data presentation, graphs, dials and charts displaying financial, operational and statistical data.

SAP Crystal Dashboard even provides you and your team with the capability to model changes with ‘what if’ analysis.

Data consolidation and sharing

SAP Crystal Dashboard allows you and your team to consolidate information from multiple sources into a single dashboard for a more intuitive display of information. You can even integrate live data feeds into your dashboards.

Once you have built your dashboards, you can share dashboard views online or through familiar tools such as Microsoft Office and Adobe PDFs.