Eralis Project & Job Costing for SAP Business One

SAP Business One Projects and jobs

When the core SAP Business One resources, projects and jobs functionality in release 9.2 isn’t sufficient for your business needs CitySoft recommend Eralis Projects and jobs. This powerful development for SAP Business One adds depth to project and job management in SAP Business One.

Eralis Project & Job Costing for SAP Business One is ideal for any business that builds products.  Eralis utilizes project phases and tasks and tracks costs, resource utilization, and materials and equipment usage on a project or job. A project is capable of containing multiple jobs with the system granting system users a global view of a client or a granular level view of a project job phase or resource. Managing budgets and reporting on WIP, budget to actuals and percentage complete are components of Eralis. With deep integration with SAP Business One functionality Eralis offers small to medium sized enterprises an end to end system covering procurement, accounting, reporting, labour and materials, billing, revenue recognition, & work in progress. Companies using Eralis will have access to timely information for proactive decision making and can utilize SAP alerts and approval processes to control expenditure on a project or job and to ensure early intervention where warranted.