The Sage 300 software solution is a sophisticated, modular, best of breed ERP system that supports collection of a rich set of data across every aspect of your business.

With so much data being collected the challenge becomes knowing how to interpret that data into something that can drive profitability and growth. That’s where Sage Enterprise Intelligence plays an important role. Sage Enterprise Intelligence transforms complex data, often held in databases other than just your Sage 300 system, into meaningful information that has real decision-making power.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence fully integrates with Sage 300 to provide you and your people with intuitive tools to analyse your business data with ease. Sage Enterprise Intelligence is designed to dramatically reduce the time spent on analysis and reporting, as well as providing your business with the insights you need to make more informed decisions.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence allows you to harness the power of insight

The sheer volume of data that businesses generate these days can be overwhelming. Sage Enterprise Intelligence connects to your Sage 300 solution and other open data sources to provide you with consistent and current business information in a form that empowers information users.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s simple and intuitive diagnostic and analysis tools help focus your attention on the important events affecting your business so you can improve business outcomes such as improved supply chain performance, resolution of quality issues, and the creation of a faster larger sales pipeline.

Deliver information in a format that is valuable to you and your people

It’s not enough that you have an understanding of how your business works, your managers and executives also need the same data analytics capabilities to empower them to be more effective.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence allows all of the key decision makers in your organisation to set up KPIs and personalised dashboards and view only the data that is meaningful to their roles. Sage has conducted surveys, which suggest that users reduce the time to decision by 20%, when using Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s intuitive data visualisation tools, gauges, maps, and charts.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence’s powerful search and browsing capabilities allow your people to drill-down and drill-up to see transaction details, as well as gain live access to enterprise data using the familiar Microsoft® Excel application.

Share and collaborate with ease

The speed and accuracy with which you distribute information across your Small to medium sized enterprise is critical. The speed at which information is disseminated determines if your decision making is ‘proactive’ or ‘reactive.’ Sage Enterprise Intelligence will automatically generate and distribute reports to non SEI users based on a predefined time schedule, to a distribution set of information consumers. With Sage Enterprise Intelligence, you can also send snapshots of important business data in email attachments to others for review and analysis. Sage Enterprise Intelligence has been designed to help you improve collaboration and cross-functional performance by making critical data available to the people in your organization who need it most to make informed timely decisions.

Empower your people to analyse data

Give your people the power to analyse and create reports on their own, with limited report design expertise required. Sage Enterprise Intelligence is easy to use and offers an intuitive web interface and access through mobile devices. With Sage Enterprise Intelligence, you can even leverage the existing Excel skills on your team and harness the power of your existing Sage ERP data through powerful pre-configured data-marts and data cubes.