To meet your requirements, Gfi  CCS developed a solution dedicated to companies using X3 PJC module. Connected with Sage ERP X3, X3 Web Timesheet is a web and mobile solution that permits time and expenses input.

User Profiles

  • You are a team manager and want to give limited users remote access to input their time without full X3 licenses
  • You are a consultant or an operational worker and have to answer for spent time and expenses on PJC SR (Project and Job Costing Service Request) 


  • Customer habits-based data period input
  • Removed time and expenses input based on PJC module service requests
  • Period closing management
  • Different task kinds input
  • Expenses control based on X3 set up 

X3 Web Timesheet is based on HTML5 and Sage X3 technologies, and uses Sage Web Services.

User centric and user friendly, the benefits for the customer are up-to-date information with no data duplexing, nor moving folder and great mobility with real time                                                    debriefing on computer/pad or smartphone.