Enbu software provides Sage CRM with the specialised functionality to best manage events, projects, resources and budgets.

Enbu Project Management handles timesheets, workflows, project analysis and milestones in the Sage CRM environment.

Enbu Contract Management assists enterprises manage the lifecycle of documents from draft through to final, utilising Sage CRM’s powerful workflows to track and progress a contract to conclusion.

The Enbu Resource Planner expands the Sage CRM calendar capabilities, adding easy drag and drop allocation of resources, for both people and assets and auto resource conflict management.

The Enbu budget planner is very popular in the not-for-profit sector, as it offers configurable routing, workflow and sign off business rules to meet the most demanding budgeting scenarios.

Mobile business for SMEs

By using Enbu your staff in the field can access Sage CRM via your Web portal. Any purchase of Enbu software includes a FREE Web Portal license.

Remote field staff can capture a digital signature from clients for work performed on site. Enbu is also compatible with Samsung Android phones and tablets.

Enbu Event Manager is ideal for Member based organisations. The free inclusion of a Enbu Web portal license enable Members to pay for events online, reserve seats at events. Enbu Event Manager also enables Clubs and Associations to advertise their events online.

Enbu for Sage CRM is allows you to think outside the CRM box. One example of this is the resource planner, which can be configured to manage asset tracking. The Enbu framework product enables non-Sage application data to be presented via the Sage CRM user interface, using Web Services technology. The Enbu Sage CRM CTI product enhances the standard CRM phone system integration capabilities, by adding customisable event handlers, custom interfaces, palettes of actions, open protocols and post actions on incoming and outgoing events.

And importantly, Sage CRM and Enbu offer deep integration with Sage 300, ensuring data capture in your CRM that is financially based. Membership Subs, Time Sheets, event Orders & invoices paid by credit card all flow seamlessly through to your Accpac accounting system, allowing organisations to operate a lean back office team.


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