I need an advanced business software system for my mid-sized enterprise

CitySoft represent Sage X3, advanced business software for mid-sized enterprises, enterprises typically consisting of multiple sites and companies operating in multiple jurisdictions across multiple countries.

Sage X3 is one of CitySoft’s three key advanced business software systems the others being SAP Business One and Sage 300 & CRM both positioned to suit growing small to medium sized businesses. CitySoft also represents under the SAP Business One suite BatchMaster for SAP Business One, a process manufacturing system that suits both small to medium sized businesses & mid-sized enterprises.

The Sage X3 product profile

Sage X3 is a Web native advanced business software system for mid-sized enterprises who contain one or more of the following characteristics. They may operate across multiple offices, regions, and countries. Mid-sized enterprises often have mature, sophisticated business processes and need to manage multiple legislations, multiple companies and sites, and on occasion multiple languages. They typically require general ledger consolidations, eliminations and advanced reporting and analysis and often require 30 + concurrent system users albeit business sophistication in some smaller enterprises demands a sophisticated system such as Sage X3. The system scales past multiple thousands of concurrent users. It runs on either a Microsoft Windows platform or a Linux platform and uses either an MS SQL or Oracle database.

Sage X3 is an all in one system available in several suites - finance, distribution, manufacturing, projects and jobs and construction. It contains advanced functionality to manage even the most demanding mid-market business demands.  The Sage X3 license includes developer licenses so mid-sized enterprises can satisfy their specific business needs inside the one business system.

The system can be deployed under a public or private cloud arrangement or as an on-premise deployment. The Sage X3 licensing is available as a subscription or a perpetual license.

CitySoft are the leading consulting firm for Sage X3 in Australia and South East Asia. Our teams support clients using Sage X3 locally, nationally and across the globe. CitySoft is a complete services provider for Sage X3 offering project, functional, technical, Help Desk and business intelligence services plus Cloud or managed services.

Surprisingly given the functionality packed into the Sage X3 license, Sage X3 is only priced slightly higher than Sage 300 and SAP Business One positioned and priced for the small to medium sized business sector. Sage X3 offers enterprises full system access licenses and low priced operational licenses making the system cost effective to supply to a broader cohort of staff and related parties. It’s licensing and hosting fees are typically less expensive than other software systems for mid-sized enterprises.

Key Competitive Strengths – Sage & CitySoft provide far greater certainty, clarity and transparency over public and cloud contractual matters such as SaaS contract renewal caps and data ownership. The inherent value contained in the Sage X3 license is far greater than our competition.  The ready to use yet configurable reports, visual processes, dashboards and role based user profiles reduce the project fees other vendors require to make their system useable and of value.

True Web native technology – a system designed from the ground up for the era of the Internet – business 4.0 Sage X3 offers full mobility and clever activity codes to support developments without impacting standard Sage X3 vendor version upgrades.

Current Sage X3 version 11.2

The BatchMaster Product Profile

BatchMaster for SAP Business One is designed specifically for process manufacturers, essentially growing small to medium sized businesses or mid-sized enterprises who deal with formulas or recipes. Whilst SAP Business One is designed for growing small to medium sized businesses with BatchMaster it becomes suitable for both small to medium sized businesses and mid-sized manufacturers.

There are two distinct business types using BatchMaster for SAP Business One. One is the growing small to medium sized businesses that outgrew their entry level accounting system and manual manufacturing processes or stand-alone process manufacturing system. The other is mid-sized enterprises modernizing systems by moving off last century’s mid-market business software.

The software is available as either a subscription or a perpetual license. There are two pricing models one for small to medium sized companies and one for mid-sized enterprises. CitySoft offer public cloud hosting of the BatchMaster for SAP Business One system.

CitySoft employ BatchMaster and SAP Business One experts skilled in deploying and supporting this software. 

The Key Competitive Strengths of BatchMaster for SAP Business One over other systems is the fact that BatchMaster has been re-written using the SAP Business One development tool kit making the user experience seamless, integration complete and one consistent look and feel.  This is no plug in but rather one comprehensive business system for process manufacturers. The system also offers as an option, BatchMaster for SAP Business One advanced warehousing which works hand in glove with the manufacturing functionality in BatchMaster for SAP Business One.