BatchMaster is the ultimate process manufacturing software, optimising and fulfilling the essential processing requirements of formula-based manufacturers from start to finish.

Integrated within SAP Business One software, Sage 300 or standalone, BatchMaster offers advanced and innovative capabilities that immensely benefit all aspects of production especially for food and beverage manufacturing companies.

BatchMaster provides an enhanced user interface and offers endless embedded functionalities to maximise the effectiveness and quality of production.

The specialised functionalities enable scaled-up production, bringing products to market faster and cheaper while ensuring quality and compliance.

Manufacturing tasks can be executed via mobile devices facilitating the production process.

Multiple products can be produced from the same batch and with Formulation planning

  • Costs of finished goods can be determined through rolling up raw material costs with fixed scalable labor costs
  • Specific ingredient analysis is used in recipes to create intermediate bases
  • ‘What if’ analysis can be carried out to check ingredients, gains, losses etc
  • Recipe and auto-size adjustment based upon current capacities, conditions and equipment
  • Unlimited units of measure conversions

Based upon inventory expiration dates, allergens, Kosher, Halal and other variable characteristics, adjust and allocate the recipes.

Finished good demand can be aggregated then all required batch jobs are automatically calculated and scheduled and purchase requisitions are auto generated eliminating inventory shortages.

Quality and regulatory compliance is ensured in accordance with changing customer demands and frequently evolving regulatory mandates.

With BatchMaster’s inbuilt lot traceability capabilities

  • Track and trace suspect products
  • Generate lot numbers automatically for received, produced intermediates and finished goods
  • Lot traceability reports are generated in minutes
  • Validate quality control data before proceeding to the next step
  • Generate audit trails of key changes such as formula modifications

BatchMaster also supports all sales, accounting, warehousing and distribution needs relating disparate data to support tactical and strategic decision making.

Warehouse management

  • Supports mobile RF warehouse devices
  • Pick by FEFO, FIFO, lots and utilise bar-codes and RF technologies to pick both raw and finished goods

BatchMaster for SAP Business One’s  real-time data integration allows the accurate and efficient management of process manufacturing data within one of the world’s most successful SME size business ERP’s. BatchMaster removes the need to reply on off-system spreadsheet driven processes, enabling companies to capitalise on one common set of data reflecting manufacturing, distribution and accounts. Offered as a private cloud or as an on-premise solution, BatchMaster for SAP Business One adheres to the specific requirements of each unique food or beverage production process, extensively beneficial from beginning to end.

With CitySoft - one of Australia’s most well-resourced, experienced and respected business software service providers and integrators, BatchMaster can start benefiting your business immediately.