Sage have released their newest version of Sage 300 software. Sage 300c, an anytime, anywhere system supporting Web client access provides accessibility to business data and analytics across all mobile devices.  Sage 300c eliminates the costs and complexity of traditional client server ERP software that either constricts system user access to a local area network or requires various extra technologies to provide remote and mobile users no more than a degraded user experience or partial functionality when outside the office.

Sage 300c whilst boasting a new and modern user interface, with new HTML5 browser screens also retains compatibility with traditional Windows screens, using the same database and business logic.

The Sage 300c screens are clean and intuitive and include a new web homepage with features such as Key Performance Indicators that can be viewed on a customizable dashboard to check business performances in all areas of the business and neat online payment functionality to support modern mobile businesses.

Other key business benefits Sage 300c supports include - 

o   The break down of departmental silos for companywide transparency and improved collaboration

o   Real-time, unified viewing of company finances and operational data

o   Reduced inefficiencies and redundancies for optimized company performance and productivity 

o   Integration of front-to-back office processes (marketing, sales and customer service) 

o   Mobile accessibility from anywhere, at anytime