BatchMaster for SAP Business One is perfectly suited to meet the demands of companies who manufacture prepared meals and convenience foods. BatchMaster for SAP Business One, treats Recipes and Bills of material as separate concepts which enables manufacturers to create super batches where a single work order / production order can produce multiple end products: products that share the one recipe but different packaging (A part of the BOM), and portion sizes The system includes boiler plate instructions for cooks, chefs & production staff. Quality controls, tests and sampling can occur before during and after production and expiry dates, best before and batch number traceability are managed on system.  Labels and nutritional panels along with pricing and packaging are produced by the system. The BatchMaster warehouse system manages raw, intermediate and finished goods; both wet and dry, and supports accurate picking that ensures compliance with your client's shelf life requirements. The system supports compliance with local manufacturing regulations, nutritional analysis, helps with backward and forward traceability and GmP, and deals with other matters such as allegens, Kosher and Halal requirements.