Sage 300

Sage 300 offers SME companies with multiple legal entities in their Group the ability operate multiple legal entities, under certain conditions, in a single database or to run multiple databases each representing one or more companies and to manage inter-company transactions.

Sage 300 supports up to 10 layers (segments) in the Chart of Accounts (CoA) providing organisations with the ability to report across a wide range of facts in the business, as well as supporting the roll up of accounts for insightful reporting and analysis. Sage 300 also has advanced reporting tools that make creating, running and distributing financial reports really simple.

Inter-entity accounting

Sage 300 includes an option for inter-entity accounting, in either a single database or multiple databases. Each entities corresponding Dr & CR are created ensuring no entity is out of balance.


Sage 300 software also offers a General ledger Consolidation module to simplify group consolidations and reporting.

Some companies only require group consolidated reporting, rather than the creation of a consolidated entity (database) and the Sage Intelligence and Sage Enterprise Intelligence Reporting tools enable this to take place with ease.