For mid-sized businesses to achieve or maintain market leadership they typically require access to and informed use of data that supplies them with real business intelligence. You need to stay ahead of trends and turn insight into action and you need the tools and reports to enable you to do this. This is exactly what Sage X3 has been designed to achieve.

Sage X3 is an all in one ERP software suite for mid-sized businesses. Sage X3 as an optimized data warehouse delivers valuable business intelligence on demand. It includes a number of business reporting capabilities as well as optionally offering you SAP Business Objects and Sage Enterprise Intelligence; BI applications delivering maximum business insight and analysis capabilities. In a recent survey of mid-sized businesses, companies with better intelligence were 2.2% more profitable and 4 times more likely to improve inventory levels…and that’s just the start. Companies with better business intelligence were more efficient, had higher customer satisfaction levels and better cash flow management.