SME Discrete Manufacturers share many of the challenges large manufacturers face yet do so with a fraction of the resources. However, being smaller has its advantages. Being smaller can make you more nimble than your larger competitors, as long as you have the internal systems to manage your manufacturing processes.

The best SME Discrete Manufacturers engage with organisations such as CitySoft to assess their business system needs, and to specify and implement suitable business software solutions.

One of the solutions CitySoft recommends for SME Discrete Manufacturers is Sage ERP 300 with AutoSimply. This system streamlines business processes, improves business efficiency and helps SME discrete manufacturers meet the many business challenges head on.

Sage 300

Sage 300 (formerly ACCPAC) is one of the Worlds most popular and successful SME ERP software solutions in the small to medium sized enterprise space, with an estimated 265,000 users Worldwide spread across 45,000 enterprises.

Sage 300’s success is due to its strength and depth as a best of breed modular system in financials, distribution, reporting and accounts. A mature network of independent software developers (ISV’s) have also created a wide range of modules to enhance and extend the core Sage 300 modules broadening further the attractiveness of Sage 300 including eCommerce, advanced warehousing, retail POS and manufacturing.

When combined with AutoSimply, Sage 300 becomes a complete solution for SME Discrete Manufacturers. Built using the Sage software development tool kit (SDK) AutoSimply integrates seamlessly with the core modules to capitalize on the power of Sage 300.


Built inside Sage 300, AutoSimply is the ideal ERP software solution for SME Discrete Manufacturers. AutoSimply supports the entire operational flow, from material purchases to processing and closing-out orders, with features like a fully integrated lot and serial tracking function.

Production Planning

The AutoSimply Production Planning module is an intuitive production scheduling and materials requirement planning solution for SME Discrete Manufacturers. AutoSimply is fully integrated with Sage ERP’s Financial and Logistics modules.

Manufacturing Lot Tracking

The AutoSimply Manufacturing Lot Tracking Add-on module allows warehouse personnel to define lot/serial tracking information for materials issued, returned and received in the warehouse.

Shop Floor Control

The AutoSimply Shop Floor Control module allows users to record time entries, capture work centre transactions and operation times and tracks the occurrence of station downtime and indirect stoppages.

For discrete manufacturers AutoSimply combined with Sage 300 delivers powerful MRP, MPS, purchasing, work orders, and multi level bills of material controls as part of an integrated ERP solution.