How to de-risk your investment in advanced business software

So you’ve decided to invest in a new advanced business software system but you are nervous about:

› A budget blow out

› Missed timelines & deadlines

› Project outcomes that aren’t close to justifying the investment

› Projects that have a negative impact on existing business operations

› Being part of a failed implementation and abandonment of the new system

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Business Intelligence, Reporting & Analysis Services

CitySoft assist companies create and deploy enterprise-wide reporting and business intelligence solutions using industry leading applications such as Nectari (Sage Enterprise Intelligence), Sage Intelligence (Alchemex), Qlik, products from SAP’s Crystal Reporting suite and SAP Lumira. With true BI tools and Excel-Add ins, CitySoft are delivering companies OLAP, automated report distribution, optimised data warehousing and both financial and operational reporting and dashboards that help managers operate effectively using accurate data from their various data sources for enterprise wide reporting.

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Business Consulting - Advanced Business Software (ERP)

Our SAP Business One, Sage X3 & Sage 300 consulting teams offer to provide a comprehensive set of project and support services to companies looking to fully capitalize on their chosen applications capabilities. As experts in the Sage and SAP tiers 2 & 3 advanced business software systems, CitySoft Consulting Group can help small, medium and mid-sized enterprises obtain maximum value from these software systems.

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Need to simplify your payroll and HR management processes?

CitySoft supply people solutions and not just payroll & HR systems. With integration, compatibility, ease of use and effectiveness at the forefront of our solution thinking our clients benefit from streamlined people management systems that may include time and attendance, rostering, inductions, job related time capture including shop floor systems, visitor attendance and expense management capabilities that help streamline payroll processing and people management.

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CRM Like never before

Our CRM team know how to turn CRM into a powerful sales and marketing tool delivering far more than just salesforce automation capabilities. Utilising either the best of breed SAP Hybris or Sage CRM, or the CRM that forms part of the SAP Business One system or Sage X3 best of suite CRM, CitySoft helps enterprises change the way they go about selling and marketing their goods and services. Our CRM team’s value resides in helping change sales and marketing behaviours and by providing easy to use systems that provide valuable information including sales forecasts, opportunity management, social media feeds, EDM’s, marketing campaigns and mobility and of course integration with Microsoft applications for a seamless experience. Our ERP expertise results in deeply integrated ERP & CRM applications sharing valuable supplier, customer and prospect data so every division and department can operate in unison. In many cases when combined with e-Commerce solutions CitySoft CRM projects result in amplification of sales and marketing reach and sales effectiveness.

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Project Management

The CitySoft Project management team are highly experienced project managers who utilise project processes that have been proven to deliver exceptional project outcomes. Successful advanced business software projects share one thing in common – strong project management and the CitySoft team have the skills and experience to deliver small, medium and mid-sized enterprise projects. Our quality assurance measures and our strong project governance framework as part of our SIGMA project methodology de-risk projects from timeline pressures, scope creep and budgetary pressures. 

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Skills Transfer

Our product experts specialise in skills transfer so our clients can obtain long term value from their software system. Our training methods, combined with business process optimisation, ensures staff adopt and embrace new processes so the benefits of the new system quickly justify the investment.

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CitySoft operate a number of technical teams who support our SAP Business One Sage CRM and Sage X3 functional teams. CitySoft operate the regions most advanced Sage X3 development team and have created a number of bespoke and for resale applications using the SAFE SAGE X3 development platform. Additionally CitySoft offers Sage 300, Sage CRM and B1if development services to clients, predominately around integration with third party systems and automation of business processes. We specialise in the use of the Boyum productivity application for user interface level changes, and process automations in SAP Business One alongside the use of B1if now that SAP Business One has shifted from being an application to a development platform. Our Sage CRM developer has built a number of Sage CRM extensions including an address search plugin which uses a Google API to support entry of accurate address in Sage CRM, an advanced document search extension and a mapping tool for service and sales staff.

Our development teams also utilise a range of popular Web development Frameworks including  Ruby on Rails, PHP, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, CSS, Angular JS, JSP, JSF, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery and Mobile Application Developments for Android & iOS. They also do Application Development using Java and Scripting  using Python, PERL, Shell, UNIX, Expect etc.

CitySoft Enterprise Cloud Services Pty Ltd 

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

CitySoft are proud to be associated with Interactive Data Centres, Vocus Communications and Telstra, for the provision of private cloud services to our clients using SAP and Sage software systems. Our CitySoft cloud services for Sage X3 (Web native technology) and SAP Business One HANA multi tenanted software and SAP Business One SQL and Sage 300 & Sage CRM (Web enabled) help companies free themselves from day to day management of any IT infrastructure.

With SAP and Sage business software available as either a subscription or a license purchase (OPEX verses CAPEX) and with the choice of various deployment methods we can offer you options to suit all budgets and the flexibility to shift direction if your circumstances were to change. These choices are lost under a public cloud offer.
CitySoft can host your SAP or Sage system or you can choose your own data centre using their equipment (IaaS) or operating SAP or Sage on your own equipment (Managed services). Of course you can also choose to place your business software in house on your own equipment and manage it in house 


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