Do you want to take your business to the world?

The latest research shows that only 12% of Asia Pacific SMEs exclusively do business in one country. The other 88% of Asia Pacific SMEs have taken their business to the world. The latest projections also indicate that the amount of Asia Pacific SMEs doing business internationally will increase to 96% in the next three years, with 41% of revenue generated outside their home country. Rather than spend their time lamenting the loss of local opportunities, it seems most successful SMEs are looking to take their businesses to the world.

Research also indicates that factors such as economic uncertainty, shifting customer expectations and demand, as well as increasing labor costs and increasing global competition will continue to impact on those SMEs with a ‘local only’ focus. The most successful of these SMEs expanding into other countries are using advances in SME business management software and business analytics software to drive this expansion and business transformation.

CitySoft Consulting Group implements the software solutions that help run SMEs with a global focus. Whether or not this international exposure includes overseas offices and localised legal entities as part of a group or is just confined to multi-currency trade, CitySoft can provide an ‘industry specific’ ERP software solution to meet your goals of international expansion.

CitySoft are also equipped to assist SME’s with multilingual, multi-legislation and multiple entity ERP and business software solutions for SME’s, which can be deployed on the Web.