Do you need a specialized industry solution?

Smart Australian small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who have outgrown their existing accounting and business software turn to leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software to help run their business. ERP software solutions, such as SAP Business One are designed to streamline business processes across an entire enterprise offering deeper and wider functional coverage than small accounting systems. SAP Business One offers best practice processes that maximize the productivity of staff and remove the many manual tasks and off system processes that diminish the value the smaller accounting systems offer a business. The strong value proposition of SAP Business One results from the inclusion of many time saving capabilities previously only available in ERP systems designed and priced for larger enterprises.

One further key to SAP Business One’s World-wide market leadership is the availability of a large number of industry-specific systems, built exclusively for SAP Business One, that expand the suitability of SAP Business One to a larger SME audience. BatchMaster for process manufacturers, and LISA Warehouse Manager, are two such systems, built inside the SAP Business One technology framework, using the SAP software development tool kit (SDK), that extend the functional coverage of SAP Business One to include capabilities required in particular industries. The use of the SDK ensures a consistent seamless user interface and a lower cost of ownership as upgrades and compatibility remain in sync.

CitySoft utilize a number of SAP Business One industry specific products to deliver business system solutions that provide SMEs with integrated processes that contribute to better customer service, improved productivity and profitability. Built off the back of the core SAP Business One system CitySoft delivers business system solutions fit for various industry sub-sets involved in process and discrete manufacturing, wholesale distribution, project and job based industries and traditional retail and eCommerce concerns.

BatchMaster for SAP Business One as one industry specific system that CitySoft represent was designed for process manufacturers. BatchMaster is suitable for a number of micro verticals including paint, ink & coatings, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage producers. Other industry specific systems include Erails Project Job Costing, LISA Warehouse Management, a rules based sales configurator, and the ePages eCommerce suite.

As one of Australia’s largest and most well resourced SAP Business One integration partners, CitySoft can provide you with tailored solutions that optimize the value of your investment in business software by including smart SAP Business One extensions that address the key challenges your business faces whilst allowing you to capitalize on opportunities in your market.