Do you want to make more informed decisions?

To a small to medium sized enterprise (SME) knowledge is power. Knowledge drives cash flow, customer satisfaction, more efficient use of resources, greater sales and tighter inventory management. It also drives profitability and growth. Knowledge helps you identify opportunities and manage liabilities, as well as maintain a competitive advantage.

For SME’s moving from entry level accounting solutions to their first true ERP software system, identifying the right system and solution delivery and support partner is critical to their future success. The right ERP solution will cost effectively provide you with the information necessary to grow your business, whilst the right integration partner can ensure that the information is readily accessible in a form that is easy to interpret, simple to distribute and secure.

Managers of SME’s tell us that the ease of obtaining valuable data upon which to make business decisions is important as a reliance on IT or the finance department to extract data for them can be slow and disruptive to the business. Making more informed decisions in a timely manner is supported by adopting applications and tools that line managers can use without recourse to IT or the finance team.

CitySoft offer these applications and tools and the expertise to turn data into valuable information for SME managers and owners. Information needs vary across an enterprise and one business information and reporting tool won’t necessarily meet every business information need. Good configuration advice and system architecture and a set of appropriate reporting tools will help SME’s consistently make informed decisions.