Do you want to communicate better with customers?

The Internet driven global market place has brought with it many opportunities and challenges for Australian SME’s. Never before has there been such a clear imperative for Australian SME’s to focus on their communications with their suppliers, customers and prospects.

Australian SME’s are increasingly dealing with competition from unexpected entrants who often compete on price alone, and fickle customers. At the same time Australian SME’s are working on opportunities to expand into new market places and business segments. To tackle competitors and to capitalize on new opportunities Australian SME’s have turned to business systems that provide them with accurate timely information they can use to gain a competitive position in their chosen markets.

CitySoft provides business software solutions that help businesses communicate more effectively with their customers, prospects and suppliers. CitySoft support business analytics; provide experienced consulting advice on the technical and business components of a companies communication strategies, supply informative dashboards and KPI’s and help enterprises deliver integrated marketing and sales driven campaigns. CitySoft help Australian SME’s cost effectively deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time through the use of modern technologies and industry leading software applications such as SAP Business One.