Magento Enterprise is a comprehensive e-commerce software solution with ‘best-in-class’ merchandising and marketing tools for companies that require a flexible, customisable platform.

Vaimo eCommerce built on the Magento platform has helped over 400 companies such as Gant, Old Khaki, and Eton provide their customers with a rich and satisfying online e-commerce shopping experience.

CitySoft recommend the Vaimo eCommerce connector for Sage X3 to clients contemplating or already using the Magento platform.

Companies running eCommerce systems with limited or no back office integration blunt the effectiveness of their online strategy by ignoring the primary demands of an online shopping experience. Buyers are seeking a predictable and satisfying experience that includes email order confirmation details, a secure payment gateway, shipping advice and choice and often knowledge of stock availability at order time, with all this information and action flowing seamlessly from their online order.

A high performance e-commerce platform built for today’s demands

Magento Enterprise uses page ranking and user experience performance boosters such as full-page caching; CMS+ enhanced content management, layered navigation and smart search.

Personalised customer experiences

Magento Enterprise allows you to create personalised marketing and merchandising programs and includes optimise consumer account features, with tools for up selling and cross selling. Magento Enterprise even allows you to create e-commerce storefronts for specific customer demographics and features a single administration interface for all storefronts, products and sites.

Sell to the world

Why limit your sales to a local market, when Magento Enterprise can help you expand into new markets. Magento Enterprise is an e-commerce platform with full multi-currency capabilities.

Full integration with Sage X3

Magento Enterprise offers comprehensive integration with Sage X3. With over a dozen two way integration points, between Sage X3 and Magento, when using the Vaimo Magento connector, you can better manage your inventory, manage customer preferences and process and exchange sales order details between the systems with minimal back office effort. Credit card reconciliations, gift cards, promo’s B2B and B2C transactions, pricing specials and pricing rules and multi stock management enable you to clearly determine a sales origin, manage returns, pick goods efficiently and market to new and existing customers having utilized the powerful system analytics.


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