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Confronted with global competition, today’s mid-sized Process Manufacturers face daily challenges to meet the requirements of their markets. With increasing regulation, customer demands and high development costs, process manufacturers must discover new ways to remain competitive.

One way to remain competitive is to find an enterprise resource planning software solution that is geared to the specific needs of mid-sized Process Manufacturers. One such solution is Sage X3. With a focus on specific, specialized requirements of mid-sized process manufacturers and distributors in food and beverage, chemical and life sciences, Sage X3 for process manufacturing is designed to streamline business processes and functions, at every level of your business.

Business processes for mid-sized Process Manufacturers

Sage X3 provides immediate out-of-the-box business process efficiencies to mid-sized Process Manufacturers who make to stock, make to order or contract manufacture.

Meeting the business challenges of Process Manufacturers

Mid-sized process manufacturers will also benefit from Sage X3’s regulatory compliance, product life-cycle management (PLM), quality control management (QC) and supply chain optimisation features. Sage X3’s can also help your business better manage its plant maintenance (CMMS)

Regulatory compliance for Process Manufacturers

CitySoft and Sage X3 can help your business establish a production system that complies with regulatory requirements. Sage X3 for process manufacturing provides audit functions to ensure traceability of each action, electronic signatures and document management. Sage X3 also provides secure, real-time access to information through the web. Sage X3 graphical process views are designed to assist users achieve compliance with standards and procedures. Sage X3 also includes solutions for MSDS, contaminants, labelling, certifications and traceability of raw and finished goods.

Improved product development processes

Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing can help reduce the time to market. With Sage X3’s PLM Integration (Product Life cycle Management) you can manage and track changes to your formulas and recipes, and measure research and development costs. Sage X3’s PLM Process Manufacturing streamlines the new product commercialisation process through improved collaboration between R&D, production, marketing and your sales department.

Manage the quality process and OHS

Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing delivers a fully integrated quality control process from receipt of raw materials to production and delivery of finished goods. Sage X3 ensures your products conform to required characteristics, operational tolerances or expected results with full traceability upstream and downstream.

Optimising the supply chain

From purchase requests through to receipt of delivery, Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing automates each step in the manufacturing process with RF (Radio Frequency) warehouse management. Information can be accessed via touch screens and mobile technologies. Sage X3 provides full bar-coding and scanning capabilities using the Sage X3 automated data collection (ADC) license or the Datalinx warehouse manager extension for Sage X3.

By integrating with manufacturing transactions, Sage X3’s weigh scale integration ensures real-time, accurate control of recipes and individual ingredients.

Sage X3 also works with GS 1-128 and SSCC bar-code labels and through web services supports 3PL integration. It also supports integrated EDI trade.

Greater flexibility for mid-sized process manufacturers

Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing provides a flexible, innovative platform that enables you to increase efficiency throughout your processes thanks to built in functionality such as formula and recipe management, full component / ingredient and lot traceability, specific gravity calculations, unit of measure conversions, as well as co-products, by-products and wastage.

Sage X3 also helps you better manage potency, quality and shelf life with expiry date control, FEFO and product packaging management. Sage X3 can also help you manage back flushing, high repetitive and high-volume process transactions, as well as catch weight management, weigh scales automation and weighbridge connectivity.

Sage X3 helps to protect your business

To help minimise the risks of a product recall, Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing provides complete forward and backward lot traceability for each ingredient and end item. A full audit trail and historical archive of transactions are maintained spanning multiple years. The fully integrated quality control process rigorously enforces inspections to assure product conformance to defined characteristics, operational tolerances or expected results.

Achieve operational excellence

Sage X3 for Process Manufacturing also offers a unique set of in-built, powerful tools to help foster cost reductions and customer service improvements. Functions like multi-site planning, finite capacity scheduling, user-defined workflows, real-time business intelligence and integrated automated data collection are all part of the Sage X3 solution for process manufacturing, plus it is a Web native application available for a Windows, Unix or Linux environment. The Sage X3 tool set includes technical data sheets, product specific characteristics and images, and QC and product specific testing regimes.