Australian mid-sized Discreet Manufacturers face pricing pressure from increasingly aggressive and competitive global competitors.

Many Discreet Manufacturers struggle with volatile markets where products seem to have an ever shortening life span, customers are even more demanding and there is constant pressure on costs and margins. In response to this pressure, many have turned to enterprise-wide software solutions, such as Sage X3 to regain their competitive edge.

To meet these new challenges, Discreet Manufacturers are using solutions such as Sage X3 to engage all stakeholders in the value chain and to implement continuous improvement processes like Lean Manufacturing. Sage X3 has been designed to enable a collaborative approach to plan and optimize each aspect of the supply chain.

CitySoft and Sage has extensive experience in implementing Sage X3 software solutions for mid-sized Discreet Manufacturers in the high-tech, automotive and components, industrial machinery and equipment manufacturing sectors.

Business processes for Discreet Manufacturers

Sage X3 software incorporates out-of-the-box ‘best practice’ functionality designed for Discreet Manufacturers who assemble to order, make to order, make to stock engineer to order and who operate with a mixture of manufacturing modes.

Meeting the business challenges of Discreet Manufacturers

CitySoft implements Sage ERP X3 solutions designed to help mid-sized Australian Discreet Manufacturers restore their competitive edge. Sage ERP X3 for Discreet Manufacturing allows your business to operate seamlessly in a global marketplace whilst supporting innovation as part of its comprehensive product life-cycle management offering and by reducing a products time to market. Sage ERP X3 also helps you identify opportunities and increase production efficiencies, as well as reducing costs whilst maintaining quality. Equally as important, Sage ERP X3 allows you to enhance your customer satisfaction in part through improved internal and external collaboration.

Innovation and reducing the time to market

From R&D to production, Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing helps to reduce the time to market with PLM integration (Product Life Cycle Management). You can integrate leading CAD systems with Sage X3 including the creation of Inventory BOMs (Bill of Materials) from 2 and 3D drawings, and you can manage your product design phase including email, file, document and drawing version controls. For each new project and job, you can define and track the tasks, monitoring time, overheads and management costs. Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing helps you improve the new product development process through better collaboration between R&D, marketing and production departments.

Manage organisational breakdown structures (OBS) and Work breakdown (WBS) structures in concert and optimize production accordingly.

Audros for Sage X3 – PLM Software

Audros for Sage X3 is both a document management solution and product life-cycle management (PLM) application that allows securing, sharing and dissemination of all data and technical documents between project stakeholders. With established CAD – ERP connectors engineers and designers can quickly and easily share data from their CAD designs with Sage X3 leading to more streamlined production and costing exercises.

Increase production

The flexibility and support for a lean manufacturing approach in Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing allows you to employ various modes of manufacturing (make to stock, make to order, engineer to order and mixed modes) and track manufacturing with advanced Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) processing.

Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing provides real-time control and visibility of production schedules, capacities, constraints, shop floor activities and an overview of costs. Sage X3 will help your production managers operate effectively and efficiently by focusing on optimal production and timely completion of manufactured goods. You will be able to match budgeted ERP production data with actual production data captured in your MES system for immediate feedback on performance.

Enhance your customer satisfaction with Sage ERP X3 CRM

With the integrated CRM functions, Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing provides a comprehensive view of customer information. You can quickly determine order status and product availability for customers and for each project, produce a progress report and job or project profit and loss.

The CRM element of Sage X3 can also manage the after sales support service, with commissioning and monitoring of equipment delivered to each customer and analysis of activities, including warranty work, after sales service, consumable usage and parts inventory.

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Improved internal external collaboration

Designed for the web, Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing provides a collaborative Web 2.0 portal environment that optimizes information sharing. Each user has a custom work-space (key indicators, documents; web access, favorites, shortcuts, alerts and RSS feeds). A graphical process view and workflow system helps users conform to your business practices. Supply chain information can be provided via your Web portal, to alert supply chain partners of likely material demands.

Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing provides a flexible, innovative platform that enables you to increase the efficiency of staff across all your business processes including BOM management, advanced sales and manufacturing product configurator, project management, PLM, Computerised Maintenance Management (CMMS) and Quality Management and Control (QC). Sage X3 also enables cost accounting-MTS/ATO/MTO/ETO, capacity planning, MES integration, subcontracting, workflow and alerts management, radio frequency (RF) data acquisition and CRM sales and account management coverage.

Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing offers a choice of production management methods, including by job, by order or make to inventory. Technical data can be defined by a wide variety of options such as by facility, line, costs centres, and individual resources can be tracked through the entire production process.

Improve your stock management and free up your cash flow

Sage X3 for Discreet Manufacturing also provides production managers with the ability to monitor stock quantities against their master production schedule, whilst also optimizing inventory on hand through the use of Sage Inventory Advisor, a Sage cloud service that runs twenty-eight sophisticated algorithms over your inventory at regular intervals. With Sage X3, you’ll enjoy optimized inventory levels that leads to lower holding costs, freeing up working capital without diminishing customer service. Sage X3 also includes both infinite and finite capacity production scheduling to assist with optimum production scheduling.